About the M.A. Programme

This page contains information relating to the ethos and aim of the Masters course. For a full explanation of applying for the course and a list of its modules, visit the M.A. in Creative Media page on the IT Tralee website.

The MA in Creative Media is based in the SCOPE Centre for Creative Media in the CMIT Department at the Institute of Technology Tralee . This MA programme fosters and supports the development of highly-skilled media communicators who have the abilities and the skills required to generate and distribute compelling media content for the digital age.

The MA programme is designed to encourage students to formulate new perspectives: to facilitate the reappraisal of tradition, both aesthetically and technologically. The creative ethos of this programme demands that students interrogate notions of media/technology: Is the human person in control of media/technology or are they, and their creative potentialities, determined by these?

Students will be asked to continually challenge traditional ways of interpreting the world, to engage in constant praxis and, therefore, to develop a creative sensibility: a desire to formulate and construct credible alternatives to what exists.

The graduate of the M.A. in Creative Media will regard creativity as an activity without predetermined confines. They will see creativity as an expanded concept: one that bridges fields of knowledge, that reasserts value in the face of postmodern totalising. In short, they will conceive of creativity as the metadiscourse of Being-in-the-World.


The MA modules will facilitate the generation of a project concept and interrogation and evolution of the content. This model requires that you take personal responsibility for the progression of the project through the various stages of its production and to work autonomously or as part of a group, initiating meetings with members of the collective pool of supervisory academics and fully utilising the resources available to you. You will produce a Proposal Document, within the framework and guidelines provided, which will address the Production and Post-Production phases of a creative media artefact. The studio model requires you to analyse and interrogate your work practices and those of others in order to identify your strengths, and the challenges ahead.

At this academic level, you are expected to integrate your expanding knowledge of media content and media technologies. You are also expected to engage in independent professional development, such as skills acquisition.


It is also anticipated that you will develop the ability to handle complexity within projects, and independently and collaboratively manage ill-defined or challenging work situations.

While creative processes will be supported directly through studio practice the other concurrent modules will affect the work produced in the studio module.

A fully-equipped dedicated studio space will be made available to you for the duration of the programme. You will also have access to a number of other areas for production purposes.

A programme co-ordinator will assume responsibility monitoring the progress of the student group as a whole and organising the assessment of productions.

The projects will be continually be reevaluated from a range of perspectives during critique sessions, presentations and the submission of reflective journals/sketchbooks. The Critique Sessions and collective workshops will be delivered in a dedicated studio space, allocated to the MA in Creative Media. Collective sessions will allow you to reflect on your creative processes and those of your peers.


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