Graduate Story

The M.A. in Creative Media staff were delighted to receive this correspondence from Shane Murphy, one of our M.A. pioneers from last year who graduated in November 2013. Shane works as a media production manager at a global technology and manufacturing company specializing in agri-science products. Shane oversees all of the company’s audiovisual marketing and instructional projects.

Shane also runs his own production company Onit Media


shane profile pic“Last Friday was the last day of my probationary period here at [.....]  and therefore today I am a full-time employee.

Anyways, I thought I shouldn’t let it pass without saying thank you to you for taking me onboard the MA two years ago and for the support along the way. I really appreciate it all and feel quite lucky and blessed.

I’m not going to email everyone on the MA staff team (feel free to pass on this email if you wish) but I really appreciate their investment of time, insight and unwillingness to accept the norm as far as projects were concerned. I know that in certain instances some even gave up their own free time in order to assist with us on the MA program. All in all it was an extremely valuable year of development and growth in understanding and application of creative media.

I’m not sure what lies ahead but I can say that I am currently working in a job that I enjoy thoroughly, doing all the things I would probably be doing even if I didn’t have a job – I don’t know if one could ask for much more then that”

- Shane Murphy



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