The I.N.C Scholarship Programme

Launching INC scholarship

Mary Lucey, INC coordinator launching the I.N.C Scholarship Scheme with members of local charities, festivals and private companies who will be providing offers of bursaries in the coming academic year


The M.A. in Creative Media enlists a small group of graduates who excel in the fields of Multimedia, Interactive Design, Radio Broadcasting, TV Broadcasting, Music Technology, Web Design, Media in Performance, Media Production, Creative Writing and Art.
Industry CEOs and Managers are aware that engagement with Creative Media Professionals is vital for the promotion of their commercial entities.

The department is currently offering the opportunity for students accepted on the M.A. programme to undertake part-time work on behalf of a diverse range of companies and organisations who, as payment will provide scholarship funding.

For information please contact Mary Lucey, I.N.C. co-ordinator
Phone: 066-7191863
Email: mary (dot) lucey (at)

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